An original retro-jazz-vocalist with a unique “new-old" approach, Julian Yeo blends old school soul with celebrated qualities of today.

"During the past five years, Julian Yeo has made a strong impression on the New York jazz scene. A very likable singer with a love for 1920s and '30 jazz and popular music, Julian pays tribute to the vintage songs and the classic vocalists who he loves not by copying them or trying to recreate their style, but by singing in his own distinctive voice. He brings back the joy and swing of the period in his own way.

Julian Yeo makes no attempts to sound like any of these giants although they certainly would have enjoyed his renditions. He sings simply, improvises with subtlety, and always swings while doing justice to the lyrics. Julian Yeo thinks of himself as a retro-jazz vocalist with a “new-old" approach. He sounds like he could have comfortably fit into the 1930s pop/jazz scene, singing with equal skill in a swing or a sweet orchestra, inspired by the relaxed and lightly swinging phrasing of Bing Crosby and the other musical giants while sounding like himself. One can easily imagine him touring Europe and the United States, and it seems only a matter of time before his infectious singing gains a much wider audience."

Scott Yanow,
Jazz Journalist and author of ten books including The Jazz Singers, Jazz On Film, Trumpet Kings and Jazz On Record 1917-76

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“Classy renderings of time-honored standards. His phrasing is full and polished and his appreciation for vintage Tin Pan Alley tunes is heartfelt."
– Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times Magazine

"(his) deep, resonant, pitch-perfect voice..." Joe Regan
Jr. Cabaret Scenes Magazine. US

"A cheery, ear-pleasing singer with a sweet and mellow
style and an infectious love for music. A most enjoyable
evening." Roy Sander, critic and columnist, formerly of
Back Stage and Citysearch

"I can't remember the last time I encountered such a
thoroughly original artist as Julian Yeo or an album that's
utterly entertaining as his 'Old New Borrowed Blue'." Jeff
Rossen - Cabaret Scenes Magazine, US

"An exciting addition to the New York jazz scene. A fresh
original sound and a fine band of exceptional young
musicians. You'll be hearing about this singer. Buy the
CD and be among the first to know." Jan Wallman,
Cabaret Exchange

"I know a star when I see one. He's going to be a star!"
Joe Franklin - WOR Radio, US.

"Yeo's songs and his delivery would fit seamlessly into a
Fred Astaire dance routine in a supper club full of dinner
jackets and evening gowns...." Peter Leavy, Cabarete Scenes, US.

"This is one of those CDs where we simply have to add every track in the library. Julian takes a fresh look at some classic songs and the result is very nice! " Bob Perry, WHLI & The Penthouse Radio

"Yeo's voice is a contemporary take on Fred Astaire's with a touch of Nat Cole. This is one of the best CDs." Juan Carlos Valencia, 2MBS 102.5 FM, Australia.

"...a well crafted cd with passion and style, standards freshened up in a very stylish sophisticated manner. Everything about this cd says that there is passion expressed in every track and a total conviction to the Jazz idiom."
Peter Merrett, PBS FM Melbourne Australia

"wonderfully talented... such warmth, passion, and sincerity..." Bob Collins, Jazz Cafe, WRHU 88.7FM, NY, US.

"This young man and this 'old music' are one beautiful pair!" Jean-Pierre Savouyaud, Virus de Jazz, France.

"It's so refreshing to be wrapped in the "so right" combination of early 20th century vocal styles with clean, melodic early 21st century instrumental arrangements." Eddie O'Strange, Town & Country Radio Show, Access Radio 783AM, New Zealand

"...really like his style and vocal skills, a very new experience I must say...", Joost for Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM 105.4, Netherlands

"This disc is superb, simply love the whole thing from the vocals to the trio backing , more of it please!" David McCrory, 2NVR 105.9fm / 2bbb 93.3fm, Australia

"Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station." Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, Netherlands

"Definitely a good little something different." Eric Hines, WNMC 90.7fm public radio, Northern Michigan, US.

"When I hear him I remebered Rudy Valee, Al Jolson, and some of the first crooners in jazz music. Excellent!" Carlos

Fernandez Pacin, FM Urquiza 91.7MHZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
"A fresh sound!" Peter L. Poses, KRFC FT COLLINS 88.9FM HomeGrown Community Radio , US.