Still in Love - Songs of Bacharach available on December 16

Come in closer, it's time for my story. "Still in Love - Songs of Bacharach" encapsulates moments of my life in a series of timeless songs composed by Burt Bacharach (with lyrics by Hal David, Elvis Costello and Carole Bayer Sager).

I share with you those moments the best way I know how - simply, honestly, and sincerely.

Vocals - Julian Yeo
Guitar - Tony Romano

Night Blooming Jasmine

Ye Lai Xiang - a Shanghai jazz standard from the 1940s reimagined.


A time warp of songs written mostly before 1923 (in the public domain) that are so retro, it’s hip again.

Another Season

With each season's passing, I seem to gain a slightly different perspective and interpretation of the songs that I love to sing.

So, a few years after I released "You and the Night; Night and the Music", I went back to the recording studio. The first thing I did was to look into the vault of previously unreleased tracks that I had recorded with the band. These tracks were not included in my prior albums for various reasons, mostly because they did not fit in with the overall vibe. With the help of modern technology, I was able to re-record the vocals. With a tad more mature tone, some of these songs seem more convincing when I sing it at a later stage of my life.

I also couldn’t wait to record new materials with a live band. So, I summoned guitarist Tony Romano (sometimes joined by bassist Haeng Seol) to lay down more tracks, adding songs that would round up the album with a more intimate introspective vibe, reimagining jazz standards from the 20s to 50s in a chill coffee house.

I sincerely hope you enjoy “Another Season".


You and the Night

Julian Yeo, a chart topping jazz recording artist, pairs up with a top young jazz pianist Adam Birnbaum to deconstruct an all time favorite standard "You and the night and the music" into two stunning albums - an upbeaet swing album "You and the Night" and a piano/vocal duo ballad album "Night and the Music".

"You and the Night" centers around a night between two lovers (whether is an old flame, new lust or life-long love). The disc is filled with ingredients of a fun night out. With Manhattan as the backdrop, imagine visiting a jazz club straight out from the 50s. Scattered throughout are food & beverage references.

"You and the Night" and "Night and the Music" will be available as a 2-CD-set in January 2011.

1. You and the Night and the Music 2. Lover, Come Back to Me 3. Manhattan 4. I'm in the Mood for Love 5. At Long Last Love
6. It's De-Lovely 7. I Want to Be Happy 8. It Might as Well Be Spring 9. It Could Happen to You 10. After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It 11. I Wish You Love 12. Boy Wanted 13. If I Were a Bell 14. I Get a Kick Out of You 15. It All Depends on You

Night and The Music

"Night and the Music" is a piano vocal duo album recorded in the wee hours after wrapped up with the trio for "You and the Night". Julian's direct and honest delivery, coupled with Adam's exquisite piano styling capture the essence of "night". Facets of night that are captured include: romance, smooth, silky, loneliness, bitter sweet, reminiscing, sadness, darkness, death, pain and a hint of hope.

"You and the Night" and "Night and the Music" will be available as a two-CD-set in January 2011.

1. I Thought About You 2. Embraceable You 3. Dancing in the Dark 4. Stardust 5. Alone Together 6. Miss Otis Regrets 7. 'Round Midnight 8. Prelude to a Kiss 9. After You've Gone 10. The Party's Over 11. I Walk a Little Faster 12. Avalon

Homage is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Napster.

Homage by Julian Yeo and his Retro Jazz Band now available on iTunes, Amazon and Napster.

1. How Deep is the Ocean (Billie Holiday) 3:03
2. So Nice (Astrud Gilberto) 2:37
3. The Shadow of Your Smile (Karen Carpenter) 3:20
4. Mon Manège à Moi (Edith Piaf) 2:49
5. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Anita O’Day) 4:47
6. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Al Bowlly) 3:20
7. Desafinado (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 4:15
8. Tico Tico (Carmen Miranda) 2:25
9. Give Me the Simple Life (June Christy) 2:52
10. Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (Rudy Vallee) 2:08
11. Just a Gigolo (Marlene Dietrich) 2:55
12. Besame Mucho (Nat King Cole) 3:29
13. It’s Been a Long Long Time (Bing Crosby) 3:00
14. You Go to My Head (Judy Garland) 3:24
15. I Love Being Here with You (Peggy Lee) 3:05

Deep Purple Dreams now available on, iTunes, Napster, etc.

The singer? He owns the club. And vampires know a thing or two about night life...

Yeo took the job singing in the Bitter Melon, Yelena’s club in Shanghai, in February 1930. But it was almost July before he began to suspect. He discounted the pale skin, because the Russians all looked like something out of a ghost story to him anyway. And the way she never left the club or her apartments upstairs between dawn and dusk held no mystery either, because he knew enough about her business affairs to know that her contacts and her clients all shunned the light of day as well. This was Shanghai, after all, and the dangerous pleasures of sex and money and drink and opium and gambling were easily found by moonlight.
By the time Yeo was sure that something was odd about her – there was the way delivery men sometimes went up and never came down, for one thing – he was too in love with her to particularly care. And she loved him in return, and so she gave him the most precious gift she could offer. (Once he was able to walk about the city again, they went to see the premiere of a moving picture: “The Jazz Singer." You could hear the actors talking and singing. They took it as a sign that the world was getting more exciting all the time, and they looked forward to watching it do so in each other’s company.)

For those with romantic notions about such things: immortality doesn’t mean that love lasts forever. Nothing lasts forever. But they were both grownups, and the end of the affair did not lead to grand acts of mutual destruction. Opera wasn’t their style. They preferred jazz, the new force that was washing over Shanghai and the world: rather than letting the blue notes stop the fun, they improvised, and let life go where it would. When the war made Shanghai a dangerous place for anyone, human or otherwise, the Bitter Melon closed its doors and its owners parted company.
Yeo has run nightspots all over the world by now, in desert cities and mountain cities, on small islands and on broad prairies. (Although he goes by Julian these days.) He stays for a few years, learning to speak the language and cook the cuisine and romance the bright and beautiful. And then he moves on. When he crosses paths with Yelena, there are stories and wine and fine meals – vampires can enjoy food and drink just like you do, darling; they just get their nutrients elsewhere – and promises to stay in touch.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in his club, ask him to sing. When he tells you to close your eyes and relax, do. If he offers to cook you a meal, by all means accept.

But make sure someone knows where you are.
--Andrew Willett

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Old New Borrowed Blue available on Amazon, CDbaby, iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster.